Automation From Scratch

A Linux From Scratch Booklet

Automation From Scratch (AFS) is a booklet outlining the steps to automate a LFS build using the LFS Book commands.

AFS is not associated with the Linux From Scratch (LFS) project. AFS is a separate project referencing the LFS Book.

The AFS Booklet outlines the creation of a BASH script that builds a LFS system. The AFS script structure follows the LFS Book and primarily uses the same commands as in the LFS Book. This allows you to use the LFS Book as a guide for the script's creation, modification, and customization. There is a one to one correspondence with the script to the LFS book. By looking at the script or the book you will know where to customize the script or where to reference the LFS Book for more information on the commands.

AFS Booklet, LFS 6.1.1


Resources for Automation From Scratch (AFS)


The PonkTV project provides an example with significant modifications of a LFS automation script based on AFS.

If you have an AFS Script you wish to share, send it in a e-mail to me. Please provide a system description and a list of any non-LFS packages.

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